This week, the song Patience has been stuck inside my head. I don’t know why, but I find myself humming the intro tune in random places like the shower, library or even in class. Now, I’ve been trying to learn it on guitar, but I’m not that skilled. Yes, I can play a few songs, but I’m not a pro. I tried watching a video on YouTube, searched chords but I just can’t play it. It frustrates me a lot and having a crappy old guitar makes it worse. So maybe, all I need is just a little patience. (That was a horrible pun forgive me)

Speaking of patience, I really need to be patient because Christmas is coming! I’m really looking forward to it and seeing all the effervescent decorations makes me jump with joy. But before I can enjoy the Christmas break, I still have to take our exams and get ready for our Christmas ballroom performance, which is on December 9. Nevertheless, I shouldn’t let school stress to dampen my Christmas spirit.