Top 10 Must See Art in the United States

Oil and Marble

Think you have to go to Europe to see world-class art? YOU DON’T. You can see jaw-droppingly, mega-famous art in the US of A.

In fact, there’s so much great art in the States, it’s nearly impossible to narrow it down to a top 10 — but I did my best. As always with me, I’m not stamping these paintings as the most “important” (although they all are) — but the most famous. These are must-see works even for the NON-art fanatic:

American Gothic by Grant Wood. Art Institute of Chicago

1. American Gothic by Grant Wood (1930) at the Art Institute of Chicago. As long as we are in the US, might as well start with arguably the most recognizable painting in American Art. Parodied almost as often as the Mona Lisa herself, of course this painting is housed in the US. It lives in Chicago, about 300 miles from the actual American Gothic House (the house in the background…

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