Kinds of People in A Classroom

   Classroom stereotypes are funny so I decided to make one! This isn’t meant to be offending, just making a joke based on people I’m surrounded with at school.
  Cool people

      They are literally the trendsetters. They have lots of friends in different year levels, and some of them are intimidating. Can be weird at times but they’re weird in a cool way. You might think they will judge you and make fun of you but some of them are good people.
   Class clown

      Basically the reason why your stomach hurts from laughing. His/her brain is full of puns and jokes that are worthy to laugh at. Also the reason why classes are not too boring. Not afraid to look stupid and foolish in front of the class which is the reason why everyone likes to be with him/her.

        Literally the reason why you’re discouraged to go for the top honors. Their IQ levels are out of this world, making you question if they’re from outer space. Nonetheless, they are good people to be with, especially when you have a quiz (lol just kidding)
   Eccentric people

         They’re quite hard to understand, they are always trapped in their own little worlds. They are usually the target for bullies, which is quite sad because they can be good people once you get to know them.
   Super Organized

           Always elected as class secretary, and is so organized you want to be like him/her too. Usually the person you will ask for notes, assignments and reminders.
   Laid-back genius

            That one person who never studies or pays attention to class, but somehow passes and aces a test. 

            Someone whose voice are always on loudspeaker, usually the one who shouts “Quieeeet!” When the noise is getting out of hand.


Second Week Already?

It’s been two weeks. 

 Two weeks since I entered the place I dread the most.


Well that was a bit dramatic, but forgive me for exaggerating things because I am soooo tired. This second week, the teachers started to discuss some lessons, giving schoolworks and assignments to do. Some discussions are fun, some are just so boring I could drool for an hour. 

But yeah something fun happened last Thursday, we had Binyag Arriba, wherein we were ‘baptized’ by a firetruck hose. We were jumping like we’re at a water rave, chanting ‘oi’ over and over 😂

And that resulted to me having a cold and a pained body. 😥  

First Week as A Grade 10 Student (4th Year)

       Another school year started last June 8. *cue horrific screams*
        I felt like my summer vacation only lasted for 5 seconds (pun intended 😂). I was wallowing in the luxury of not waking up early, free from school work stress and the agony of writing essays. Before I knew it, summer vacation was over and the two months of pure bliss was violently taken away from me. Maybe I was exaggerating a bit, but that’s what I was thinking when I was walking down the hallway to my new classroom. 

         On the first day, we met our class adviser, Mrs. Mane, who oriented us with the rules and regulations of the school. At first, I thought she was masungit (ill-tempered). But she cracks jokes most of the time and is like a mother to us. Then, we met some of our subject teachers the next day. 


          To be honest, it was fun seeing your classmates and friends again after two months of vacation. When I first got inside the classroom, my ears were filled with excited chattering of classmates, shouting “i miss you’s” and “what did you do last summer?”. It’s quite amusing to watch the different happenings on the first day.

          I hope this school year will be fun like last year, filled with surprises, and learnings.

Day 14: Euro adventure – Monet’s garden in Giverny

would love visit here one day


I’m very fortunate to have family living in France. They have been so good to me, showing me around, paying for things even when I beat them to it (not cool, guys) but having someone drive me to places I probably wouldn’t be able to visit unless I booked a full day tour has been great. Today we headed to Giverny in the Normandy region to see Monet’s house and garden.

Firstly how do French people eat so much bread, potatoes, cheese and pastries and stay thin? I’ve never eaten this much bread in my life. I’m all carbed out (that’s a lie)!

Strolling through parts of the Giverny garden is free but getting into the Monet area is about 9.50€. His house is quite big! It would cost a fortune nowadays with that many rooms and that size. The garden in which the house sits is magnificent. So many…

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